Tennis Elbow


Tennis Elbow

Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)

One of the most commonly known joint conditions is called tennis elbow. Interestingly enough, most people with tennis elbow never played tennis. The condition itself is caused by overuse of the elbow, which can easily happen during a sport like tennis, but most commonly with gripping or wrist turning activities. Dr. Miguel Ramirez, a fellowship-trained shoulder and elbow surgeon, specializes in tennis elbow in Peoria, IL. Dr. Ramirez understands that any injury may be painful and frustrating. He is dedicated to helping his patients heal effectively and be able to participate in their favorite activities as soon as possible. If you believe you or a loved one have tennis elbow, call (309) 676-5546 to make your appointment.

Tennis Elbow

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

The symptoms of tennis elbow may not always be intensely painful at first, and can be rather subtle. In fact, the majority of patients report a mild pain that slowly increased in intensity as they continued to use their elbow. Pain is usually on the outside of the elbow and can feel like it radiates to the wrist or hand. Common signs you may have tennis elbow include…

  • Pain or burning sensation in your elbow joint
  • Pain with gripping or turning a door knob
  • Elbow pain with lifting or recreational activities like tennis or golf
Tennis Elbow

How to Treat Tennis Elbow

The majority of patients can treat tennis elbow without surgical intervention. In fact, more than 90% of cases are self-limiting and will go away on their own. Most doctors recommend rest, anti-inflammatory medication, stretching, and a brace to keep the tendon from continuing to be overused. Your doctor may also prescribe you physical therapy or steroid injections if the tennis elbow continues to worsen or cause discomfort despite a course of stretching and therapy. In a small number of refractory cases, a small, outpatient surgery may be required. If you have tennis elbow in Peoria, IL and think you will require surgical intervention, Dr. Miguel can help explain the process and what to expect during tennis elbow surgery.

If you or a loved one is suffering from tennis elbow in Peoria, IL, contact Dr. Miguel Ramirez and his office today. Call us (309) 676-5546 to schedule an initial consultation.