Shoulder Pain


Shoulder Pain

One of the most common places people complain of joint pain is in the shoulder. The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints on the body. It helps us do everything like carry groceries, play sports, and complete all your other day-to-day activities. When you are having chronic shoulder pain, it can stop you in your tracks. The normal tasks you need to do seem practically impossible. Dr. Miguel Ramirez can assist you with your shoulder pain in Peoria, IL. You don’t have to stay in pain any longer. The first step in improving your quality of life is to call our office at (309) 676-5546 to make your initial appointment today.

When Should I See a Doctor?

We all experience pain in our joints sometime or another. How do you know that it is a typical injury that will heal or something you need to see a medical professional about? If you experience any of the following symptoms, you need to make an appointment with Dr. Miguel Ramirez:

  • Consistent pain in your shoulder joint
  • Swelling around the shoulder
  • Bruising around the shoulder joint
  • Limited mobility of the shoulder

If you are experiencing shoulder pain in Peoria, IL, you need to talk to Dr. Miguel Ramirez for prompt treatment.

Treatment Options for Shoulder Pain in Peoria, IL

Depending on the severity and clinical presentation of your shoulder pain in Peoria, IL, treatment options may vary. Sometimes treatment may be to watch and wait and to avoid aggravating activities. Treatment can involve the use of anti-inflammatory medication, along with physical therapy. In severe cases where shoulder pain is not improved, surgery is an option that can be discussed with your doctor. If you are facing chronic shoulder pain in Peoria, IL, rest assured that you have options.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain in Peoria, IL, contact Dr. Miguel Ramirez. Call (309) 676-5546 to schedule your appointment today!