Shoulder Instability


Shoulder Instability Peoria IL

The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the human body. It is this motion that allows us to reach for a glass out of the top shelf, or grab your purse out of the back seat. However, this large amount of motion comes with a price, because of the high degree of motion, the shoulder is also one of the most unstable joints in the body. When you are carrying a heavy item, playing with your children, or working in a physically demanding job, shoulder instability can stop you in your tracks. If you have ever had a dislocation of your shoulder or whether you are in constant pain from feeling like your shoulder wants to pop out of socket, Dr. Miguel Ramirez can help. Dr. Ramirez is fellowship trained in the latest surgical and nonsurgical treatments for shoulder instability in Peoria, Il. We are dedicated to our patients and helping them restore their quality of life and return them to their active lifestyles.


Shoulder Instability

How Does Shoulder Instability in Occur?

There are two general types of instability:

  • Traumatic
  • Multidirectional.

Traumatic instability results from an injury, whether a fall on the shoulder during a football game, a motor vehicle accident, or a simple fall on the ground. During the injury, the shoulder dislocates, tearing the stabilizing structures of the shoulder. In many cases, the shoulder continues to dislocate or sublux (partially dislocate) causing pain and disability.

Multidirectional instability is more subtle. This usually occurs without injury. Patients often describe being “double jointed” and exhibit shoulder dislocations during activity.

Shoulder Instability

Signs You Need to See a Specialist

Many people often neglect symptoms of shoulder instability until it starts to severely impact their daily life. We urge you to consider seeing a medical professional before it turns into a serious problem. Dr. Ramirez and his team can develop a specific treatment plan tailored to your lifestyle and level of activity. Whether you are a weekend warrior or one of the several elite athletes we have taken care of over the years, there is an option to help your shoulder pain. Sometimes the solution involves physical therapy and steroid medication. In more severe cases, surgical intervention may be required.

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