Tommy John Surgery

Tommy John

Tommy John Surgery

Ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction, or “Tommy John” surgery was pioneered by Dr. Frank Jobe while working for the LA dodgers.  He performed the surgery on pitcher Tommy John, which now made the surgery famous.

The purpose of the procedure is to reconstruct the inside ligament of your elbow, which can tear from chronic overuse from pitching or throwing as well as elbow trauma.

Dr. Miguel Ramirez is a fellowship-shoulder and elbow surgeon specially trained in the latest and medical procedures to assist his patients. In fact, he has performed research and written book chapters on this procedure. If you believe you would benefit from Tommy John surgery in Peoria, IL, contact us at
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How Is the Procedure Performed?

The procedure consists of a surgical retrieving a tendon harvested from another area of the body, usually your forearm, and placed in the inside part of the elbow to help return pain-free stability, movement and return to high-stress activities such as throwing or lifting.

Over the last several decades, the Tommy John surgical procedure has become very effective, with a high success rate in returning athletes back to sport. In fact, a recent study found that amateurs entering the MLB draft having had Tommy John Surgery did not different than those that have never injured their elbow.  Players with Tommy John Surgery fared no differently in terms of statistics and spent no different time in the DL.

What Are the Risk Factors for Tommy John Surgery?

No procedure is without risk, and as a result, this procedure should not be done unless there is significant pain in the elbow limiting activity.

The most common risks of this procedure are infection, elbow stiffness, and inability to return to sport. Major complications that can occur during Tommy John surgery are ulnar nerve injury and implant/ligament failure requiring repeat operation. While these complications are relatively rare, it is important for patients to weigh the pros and cons appropriately prior to the procedure. The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for Tommy John surgery in Peoria, IL is to talk with Dr. Miguel Ramirez about your condition.

If you would like more information regarding Tommy John Surgery in Peoria, IL, contact Dr. Miguel Ramirez. Call us at (309) 676-5546 to schedule an initial consultation!

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