Elbow Arthroscopy


Elbow Arthroscopy

When you are suffering from elbow pain, you may not always know the reason why. Elbow pain can suddenly strike without warning and prevent you from working and living to your full potential. Dr. Miguel Ramirez can perform elbow arthroscopy in Peoria, IL to help diagnose and repair your elbow conditions. You shouldn’t have to live with chronic pain. Instead, contact our office at
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What Is Elbow Arthroscopy?

An “arthroscopy” consists of an experienced surgeon using a small camera to look inside your elbow joint.. The tiny camera is placed inside the joint and the image is transmitted to a small screen where the surgeon can see the cause of your pain and discomfort. Once the doctor finds the issue, they can use small instruments to repair the elbow injury or remove scar tissue from the joint.  Because the camera and the surgical instruments are very small, only tiny incisions are needed. This means a much shorter recovery time, less pain,  and earlier return to activity.

Signs You Need Elbow Arthroscopy in Peoria, IL

In many circumstances, elbow pain can be treated with non-invasive means, including anti-inflammatory medication, steroid shots, and physical therapy. However, when you have exhausted these options, elbow arthroscopy in Peoria, IL may be the right choice. Signs that you may need elbow arthroscopy include…

  • Elbow persistent stiffness with lack of motion
  • Loose bodies in the elbow joint
  • Early elbow arthritis
  • Diagnosis of tennis elbow
  • Diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis in the elbow

Physical Therapy and Recovery After Elbow Arthroscopy:

The amount of therapy required after elbow arthroscopy varies depending on your condition.  In many cases therapy may be required for as long as 4 to 6 weeks.  Patients are usually comfortable to return to office-type work within 2 weeks of surgery, however, heavy labor may be prolonged 6 weeks or more.

Risks from Elbow Arthroscopy

No surgery is without risk, however the risks after elbow arthroscopy are relatively low.  The Overall complication rate is 2-3% in experienced hands.  Major risks include infection, bleeding, injury to nerves around the elbow and persistent stiffness.  Dr. Ramirez will discuss these in greater detail when discussing your surgery.

Outcomes From Elbow Arthrocopy

The vast majority of patients have great outcomes from elbow arthroscopy. Most patients find increased range of motion and diminished pain.

For more information about elbow arthroscopy in Peoria, IL, Contact Dr. Miguel Ramirez today! Call us at (309) 676-5546 to schedule your initial consultation.