Arthroscopic Shoulder Instability Repair

Arthroscopic Shoulder
Instability Repair

Shoulder Instability Repair Peoria IL

We rely on our shoulders to do a lot of work every day. You need your shoulder to assist you in picking up your kids, giving hugs, and completing your daily work. When you are suffering from shoulder instability, either from a shoulder dislocation or from feeling that your shoulder is unstable, your entire life can come to a standstill. You are unable to do the activities you enjoy, maybe even unable to work. Dr. Miguel Ramirez is a Fellowship Trained shoulder and elbow surgeon specifically trained in the latest arthroscopic and open surgical techniques to return stability to the shoulder joint. With prompt treatment, you can return to your normal range of movement without pain. If you or a loved one has suffered from a shoulder dislocation or has feelings of shoulder instability, contact our office at (309) 676-5546 today!

What Does the Process Entail?

Initial treatment is usually conservative.  nonoperative treatment after shoulder dislocation begins with a sling.  after a short period of immobilization, therapy is begun.  The goal of therapy is to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles about the shoulder to improve stability.  Therapy may last 6+ weeks.  If after a full course of therapy instability still exists, patients may be considered for surgical treatment.

Shoulder Instability Repair

Shoulder instability is treated via a shoulder arthroscopy in most patients.  During the procedure, the torn labrum is repaired via dissolvable suture anchors.

 In cases where the more stability is required, i.e failed previous surgery or patients with bone loss, an open surgical procedure may be indicated.  The procedure may include a tightening of the capsule alone or may require using a piece of bone from your coracoid bone to replace the bone that has been lost (Latarjet procedure).

If you believe you are a candidate for shoulder instability repair in Peoria, IL, the first step in the process is to meet with Dr. Miguel Ramirez for an initial consulatation. He will evaluate what type of treatment you may need. If you need surgical repair, different kinds may be discussed based on your particular problem. Most common procedures involve a capsular shift, labral repair, or Latarjet procedure.

How Is the Recovery for Shoulder Instability Repair in Peoria, IL?

The recovery process can differ from patient to patient depending on their age, other health problems, and the severity of the shoulder instability as well as the procedure performed.  Patients are usually in a sling

from 4-6 weeks. Therapy is usually started around week 4.  Most patients need a few weeks to a couple of months to heal fully from surgery.  Most patients are released to full activity between 4 and 6 months after surgery.

For more information regarding our shoulder instability repair in Peoria, IL, contact Dr. Miguel Ramirez. Call (309) 676-5546 to schedule an initial consultation today!